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Paper w78-1995-136:
Electronic document management in construction using auto id

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Finch E F, Flanagan R, Marsh1 L E

Electronic document management in construction using auto id

Abstract: The construction process relies upon the effective management of a variety of project information including drawings; specifications; bills of quantities; and other technical data. The method of information transfer determines the ease with which information can be assimilated and used into the construction process. Despite the widespread use of computers for the generation of project information, hard copy documentation remains the primary method of information transfer withn the construction industry. Electronic Document Management (EDM) systems offer a'level of control over information flow within the construction process, whether documents are in hard copy or in electronic format. However, many of the existing methods of information transfer undermine the performance of EDM systems in two respects; (1) they require the user to re-enter information to register incoming documents into a data base; (2) they cannot interpret and manipulate information contained in or supporting the document. Ths paper describes a method of bar coding hard copy drawings in order to electronically transfer document information from designer to contractor. This approach is designed to improve the functionality of EDM system where hard copy documents predominate. The paper also considers the requirements for bar code application standards which would further improve the data exchange process concerning documents.



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