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Paper w78-1995-248:
An information model for multiple views of buildings

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Rivard H, Fenves S J, Gomez N

An information model for multiple views of buildings

Abstract: The paper outlines an information model that organizes the wealth of data used and generated during the conceptual design stage. The building is represented as an assembly of entities with relationships among them. Each entity represents a meaningful concept to design participants such as a beam, a room or a structural frame. Each entity contains data about its design aspect, its function aspect and its behavior aspect. Furthermore, each entity stores its geometry, its topological relationships with other entities, its aggregation relationship (made-of and part-of) and a reference to the technology (a set of knowledge and procedures) that is used to derive it. The geometry and topological relationships for the entity are obtained from a non-manifold skeletal geometrical representation common across all views. Multiple views representation is supported by dividing the attributes of an entity into small cohesive subsets, which we call primitives. These primitives are then used as construction blocks to p-nt different views of the entity. The goal of this representation is two fold: to support casebased reasoning and to store the design data as it is generated during the conceptual design.



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