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Paper w78-1995-260:
A feature based approach to modelling architectural information.

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Van Leeuwen J P, Wagte H, Oxman R M

A feature based approach to modelling architectural information.

Abstract: Formal representation and communication of building information are main issues in the development of Building Information Technology. The development of standardised information models starts to find practical application in the construction industry. However, a major problem in these developments is formed by the conflict between static information models and the dynamic nature of Architectural design. The research presented in this paper investigates the approach developed in the field of Mechanical Engineering on Feature Based Modelling. This approach offers the formalisation of design information in a flexible manner that allows designers to change and extend the information model according to their needs. The paper presents the concepts of applying the Feature Based Modelling approach in the area of modelling Architectural information, and discusses the requirements for standardisation and systemdevelopment related to these concepts.



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