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Paper w78-1995-31:
Obstacles to the development of computable models of design standards

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Kiliccotel H, Garrett J H Jr

Obstacles to the development of computable models of design standards

Abstract: Design standards play a significant role in civil engineering. Evaluating a design for conformance using such a large number of design standards is a tedious, laborious, and difficult task. One major research issue in CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) is to develop software systems to assist in the usage of the design standards in the design process. Many obstacles to the development of such a tool exist; the major obstacles are: design standards are not self sufficient documents; design standards are indeterminate; processing design standards requires non-monotonic reasoning; and design standards contain higher4rder provisions. An approach to dealing with these obstacles is proposed that treats standards processors as distributed black box abstractions able to communicate using a standardized protocol.



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