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Paper w78-1995-316:
Use of a relational database system to integrate product and process information during construction

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Stump A L, Chin S, Liu L Y, Ganeshan R

Use of a relational database system to integrate product and process information during construction

Abstract: The facility product and process model created during design and planning evolves over the life-cycle of a facility project, fiom planning and design, construction, operation and maintenance, to renovatio/demolition. Integration of product and process models is required to represent process knowledge associated with product information so that richer semantics can be provided, and consistency and integrity of project information can be improved. This paper presents a conceptual data model for integrating a building product model with a process model. Product and process information during the construction phase is the main focus of this paper. The construction stage plays an important role in high quality information management for a project, because it is an intermediate stage between the design phase, and operation and maintenance. Complete as-built information and lessons learned which are captured during construction and associated with design components can contribute significantly to those involved throughout the life-cycle of a fhcility project. Current research efforts focus on information management based on multiple points of view and the management of changes and updates to integrate product and process information during construction. A grouping mechanism was adapted fiom previous research performed at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Construction Engineering Research Laboratories (USACERL) to associate a building product model with the process model at the lowest level. This grouping mechanism allows a user to group components according to the work zone, bid packages, and then relate the group to activities. Based on the conceptual model, a prototype system was developed by using relational database management system (RDBMS). This paper presents the conceptual model, prototype system, and outlines our fiture research plan to integrate product and process information using an object-oriented paradigm.



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