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Paper w78-1995-392:
A knowledge-base system for joint-venture projects in china

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Scott D, Jianli H

A knowledge-base system for joint-venture projects in china

Abstract: Ever since China has implemented an open-door policy over the last two decades, China has been enjoying a fast economic growth. The growth is accompanied by an increasing amount of construction projects and an increasing number of foreign investors have been attracted to invest in China. Although joint venture projects are widely used in many countries, their successful use is relatively rare in 'the construction industry of China. There are aspects of the implementation of construction joint venture projects which are unique to the Chinese situation. This paper focuses on the present state of the Chinese construction industry, especially problems encountered during the development and running of construction joint venture projects. It analyses the reasons for these problems and tries to suggest means to accelerate the operation of the joint-venture projects in overcoming the difficulties. It will also identify how a knowledge-base system can assist joint venture projects in china successfully.



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