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Paper w78-1995-515:
Integrated-product-model-based automatic rebar production

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Navon R, Rubinovitz Y, Cofller M

Integrated-product-model-based automatic rebar production

Abstract: A CAD/CAM system which automates the design and manufacturing of rebars is described. The CAD-based design module of the system permits a semi-automated design alongside the conventional one. The uniqueness of the system resides in its ability to extract automatically the data needed for manufacturing form the graphic design database, process this data, and transfer it to the rebar manufacturing machine. Thus all the manual data manipulation stages of traditional rebar design and production (detailing, documentation, data extraction, etc.) are avoided. In many cases the multi-stage manual data manipulation is a source of errors and is moreover labor-intensive. Consequently, the CAD/CAM system described here leads to cost reduction together with increased quality. The paper describes the principles underlying the development of the system and the system's structure. The paper also describes an actual field implementation of fully automated rebar production in a large rebar manufacturing plant. The implementation was based on the integration of the CAD/CAM system with the existing setup of the plant. A communication link was developed to enable the data to be transferred.



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