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Paper w78-1995-593:
An ergonomics model for product design

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Erbug C

An ergonomics model for product design

Abstract: This paper models the integration of ergonomics knowledge to the design process. It is suggested that, neither a single methodology, nor an information system will be sufficient to cover all the requirements of an ergonomic product. The relative emphasis given to ergonomics varies with the types of design problem. Nonetheless, it is assumed that the design process will always involve the user, thus ergonomics. The difficulties arise from ill-defined nature of design, inadequate knowledge background or inadequate data which requires a long-tern approach where everything should be thought at macro level. For this purpose, the aim of the paper is to propose a communication model for ergonomists and designers who believe in the value of experts. Therefore, this model presents a macro outlook onto ergonomics and product design, whereas further studies may extend the scope by presenting sub-models for reaching details in the design process or existing micro models (expert or aiding systems) will be valuable sources if they are inserted into this system. "he research is focused on literature search, accident analysis and design strategy analysis. The chief questions to be addressed in the literature search are: - What is the relation between design and ergonomics? - What is designer's responsibility in terms of design, manufacturing and products liability? - What kind of ergonomics information do designers need? How reliable are they? . - What is meant by product-user interaction? The chief questions to be addressed in accident analysis are: - What kind of information does accident analysis provide? - What is the reliability of accident data?. - How is this information used in design? The chief questions to be addressed in design strategy analysis are: - What is a model and what type of models exist in design? - What is design management? - What is a product life-cycle? reputation? . - What are the benefits of product safety in terms of company's reputation?



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