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Paper w78-1996-21:
Model-based re-engineering in the European construction industry

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Allweyer T, Babin-Ebell T, Leinenbach S, Scheer A W

Model-based re-engineering in the European construction industry

Abstract: Due to increasing competition, the European construction industry is forced to improve their business processes and support them with integrated information systems. Approaches for Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) from stationary industries need to be adapted to the specific requirements of the construction industry. For being successful, BPR requires the use of powerful methods, tools and procedures. The Architecture of Integrated Information Systems (ARIS) is presented as a framework for BPR, integrating business aspects with IT development. BPR projects can be improved by the use of pre-defined industry-specific reference models. The application of the ARIS framework to the construction industry is currently demonstrated in the European research project CORE (Construction Companies Processes Re-engineering). The CORE approach and its results are demonstrated with examples from project planning and management.



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