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Paper w78-1996-403:
Production and evaluation of a multi-media product selector

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Brien M O'

Production and evaluation of a multi-media product selector

Abstract: Intercommunication between diverse computer systems demands the use of standards. Initial standards were concerned with the physical and electrical including the structure of the messages sent by one system to another. The most recent developments have addressed high level semantic issues which are the primary concern of the users. The trend therefore has been one from lower, syntactic, system concerns to higher, semantic, application issues. Whereas the development of the ISO Open Standards Intercommunication standard has been universally accepted the creation of higher level standards has not been so simple. This paper addresses some of those issues. In particular, it draws on the lessons learnt in the production and evaluation of a multi-media product selector that has been built to support the construction industry. A primary concern that has been highlighted by this product is the need to provide novel query mechanisms which can cope with a diversity of data structures. This demand for differentiation is directly at odds with the standardised capabilities of current distributed data structures.



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