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Paper w78-1996-89:
Virtual reality applications in the UK's construction industry

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Bouchlaghem N M, Liyanage I G

Virtual reality applications in the UK's construction industry

Abstract: A survey has been conducted to investigate the use of Virtual Reality and its applications within the construction industry in the UK. It surveyed the general perception of the new technology and its potential in improving design and construction processes as seen by practitioners in the industry and reviewed the work being undertaken by researchers in the academics' field.In recent years there has been attempts to apply Virtual Reality to various sectors of the construction industry, however due to the high cost of the new technology in terms of hardware and software most of these applications, as shown by the survey, remain unknown by the construction practitioners. The survey also showed that there is a lack of understanding of the new technology that is not surprising in an environment where even some more traditional aspects of IT are still to be improved to achieve the intended purposes.The survey first traced the history of Virtual Reality applications and its developments during the last forty years and then reviewed the different systems available in terms of hardware and software. It discussed the level of sophistication offered from desk top to fully immersive comparing and contrasting them with traditional visualisation techniques. A review of current and potential applications of VR in the construction industry was also undertaken covering those sectors likely to benefit the most from it. Design applications were found to be at a more advanced stage due to the fact that computer visualisation and modelling techniques have always been an important part of building design. However attempts to use the technology as a tool to improve construction processes have been made but most of them are still at the development stage.The results of the survey are presented and discussed in this paper and the future role of VR in the construction industry is debated in the light of the current and proposed work by researchers in the field.



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