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Paper w78-1997-171:
3-D graphical simulation for crane planning using object-orientedbuilding product model

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Ito K, Kano Y

3-D graphical simulation for crane planning using object-orientedbuilding product model

Abstract: Temporary Facilities are the most expensive resources at a constructionsite. In particular, the selection, positioning, planning and operation of acrane for a construction site control influences the overall constructionplanning and selection of the combination of construction methods. InJapan, at most construction sites around or inside the large city, craneoperation is one of the big issues in determining the combination ofconstruction methods because of the site constraint restrictions.Therefore, the utilization of a crane directly influences theconstructability and productivity of its related construction operations. Itis also important for a construction planner, or construction manager, toconsider and to evaluate the construction work plans, and constructioncosts. This is so that they provide for the safety of the laborers, reducingconstruction costs, and maintaining the quality of the facilities. Duringthe crane planning, any possible lack of equipment power and/orresource bottlenecks, should be identified.On the other hand, an object-oriented product model is very powerful indescribing each building element as an object, including its attributes forthe crane simulation. Especially for the selection and positioning of thecrane for a construction operation, the loading ability of the crane orinterference between the elements and boom of the crane should beevaluated by using the location and attributes of building elements, suchas the weight of elements or materials of elements. Therefore, theauthors propose the 3-D graphical simulation system for crane planning,with an object-oriented building product model.This paper presents the development, present status and future directionsof the 3-D graphical simulation system for crane planning using theobject-oriented building product model. The work described in this paperis still in progress. The paper will conclude with a layout of future plansfor 3-D graphical simulation systems as the tool of virtual construction.



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