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Paper w78-1997-199:
Java based solution for generic product data browsing

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Kaitanen K

Java based solution for generic product data browsing

Abstract: In its' earlier and on-going research projects VTT has developed generic meta-level productdata models considering especially the needs of the construction industry. In this particularapproach a new application, generic product data browser, has been developed ontop of this fundamental modelling work by using the new Java technology.Java is a fully object-oriented platform independent programming language, which enablesyou to make easily robust, multi-threaded implementations fully integrated to Internet. Thenew technology supports also component based programming (JavaBeans, CORBA) andderived objects. The browser application, called "Starlet", is fully implemented with Javaand can be run anywhere through any Java-supported web-browser like Netscape or MSInternet Explorer. The applicavpvption can be run also locally as a stand-alone program.The product data model used by "Starlet" is based on a generic meta-model. This highlevelschema, defined by EXPRESS-G, supports generic product data management andgives the application a lot of flexibility and scalability in describing your product data classstructures and for example object grouping. The schema supports easier mapping to andfrom e.g. already available and yet to come IFC-schemata without any loss of product datainformation.



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Series: w78:1997 (browse)
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