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Paper w78-1997-23:
Productivity and cost analysis based on a 4d model

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Akinci B, Staub S, Fischer M

Productivity and cost analysis based on a 4d model

Abstract: Four-dimensional (4D) CAD models are being used more and more frequently tovisualize the transformation of space over time. To date, these models are mostlypurely visual models. Any evaluation of a 4D model, e.g., whether it presents aworkable construction sequence, is left to the viewer. The evolution of 4D CADdemonstrates the ability to provide a tighter link between visualization andanalysis tools. In this paper, we discuss how an intelligent 4D model helpsidentify time-space conflicts between concurrent activities and provide assistancein calculating more realistic cost estimates. The 4D system (4D Work Planner)presented here is based on symbolic and graphic product and process models, andprovides both the visual and analytical feedback necessary to reengineerconstruction sequences.



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