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Paper w78-1997-241:
Knowledge aspects of construction planningredesign

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Leijten E, Vastert E, Maas G

Knowledge aspects of construction planningredesign

Abstract: Traditionally seen a construction company starts working on a project the moment thedesign phase is finished and the specifications of the project are defined. At this point in thebuilding process the company has to decide, in a rather short period of time, how, withwhat and with whom they are going to produce the specified design. Also traditionally,these actions of the construction company are regarded to be rather banal and they carrywith them the image to prepare a production process in which a lot of errors occur. Earlierresearch indicated a different approach to this planning process to be successful. Thisdesign approach however asks for new theoretical concepts and new working methods.In this paper we will present the temporary results of an ongoing research project inwhich we will develop a theoretical concept of designing construction processes and adesign tool for the planning engineer with which it becomes easier to monitor internalcohesion of the construction plan. The theoretical concept contains a description of theresults of the design process. This so called production plan consists of a set of plans and aset of scenarios. Each plan contains all collected information on one single productionaspect (e.g. labour and safety, timetables, measurement information). Each scenario orscheme contains all information concerning the production of a single part of the building(e.g. foundations, glazing, inner walls). The tool to be developed will be a knowledge basedsystem with which knowledge can be managed.The article is concluded with a description of the expected results of our research.

Keywords: planning; construction plan; knowledge based system.


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