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INFOMATE: a framework for discussing informationtechnology applications in construction

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INFOMATE: a framework for discussing informationtechnology applications in construction

Abstract: The paper discusses the scope of research on information technology applications inconstruction (ITC). A model of information and material activities is presented, using theSADT activity modelling methodology. This rather abstract model is used as a basis for adiscussion of ITC, comparing it with research in design methodology, constructionmanagement and facilities management. The latter part of the paper focuses on thequestion of information management and transfer, the central issue of "computer-integratedconstruction". For this purpose the basic model is further refined into a number of genericinformation handling activities such as creation of new information, information searchand retrieval, information distribution and person-to-person communication. Theviewpoint could be described as information logistics. This model is then combined with amore traditional building process model. The resulting two-dimensional matrix can be usedfor positioning different types of generic IT-tools or construction specific applications. Italso provides a framework for discussing ITC research directions.



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