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Paper w78-1997-53:
Project control in integrated building design systems

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Augenbroe G, Amor R

Project control in integrated building design systems

Abstract: With the fruition of research into integrated design systems that allow communication betweenmultiple actors and design tools, there is a growing need for control over the flow of execution ofproject tasks performed with the help of these systems. This calls for the specification ofconfigurable control systems that are able to 'design' the organization and management of actualprojects.The paper argues that an IT driven approach, leading to narrow software engineering solutions, isinadequate to solve the new type of project management problems that are inherent in the use ofcollaborative systems. It is argued that integrated systems will only find acceptance if, apart fromproviding 'generic integration facilities', adequate tools are provided to design, configure andexecute the management control on a case by case basis.A three-tiered control approach is discussed and a prototype tool to aid the project manager toexecute control is introduced.



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