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Paper w78-1998-15:
The use of electronic commerce in the materials procurement in SA construction industry

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Boshoff N, Coetzee G

The use of electronic commerce in the materials procurement in SA construction industry

Abstract: South Africa is facing the challenge of providing housing and infrastructure to millions of its residents. The improvement of the construction process to enable and improve delivery of such scale, is of paramount importance to the industry. The paper focuses on the use of Internet enabled electronic commerce in the procurement of building materials. The CSIR in South Africa is developing a product "Eze-build" in collaboration with the construction industry, IT companies and the major banks. Eze-build consists of a core building product library, tender management and bill of materials systems integrated with an Internet enabled ordering and payment gateway. Eze-build gives contracting companies access to building materials suppliers via the Internet for the ordering and payment of building materials from a pre-compiled bill of materials.Eze-build provides materials suppliers, contractors and construction managers an easy to use tool that improves the overall management of materials procurement significantly. It also improve site processes since the procurement of materials can now be pre-scheduled and delivery of materials can occur on a just in time basis reducing materials storage and wastage significantly. Specific items addressed in the paper includes: A process analysis of Eze-build and the related changes in the construction management process. 1. The technologies used to implement Eze-build. 2. A brief description of the project including: * the merging of these diverse technologies to develop an integrated materials procurement solution for the construction industry; and * some of the difficulties that are encountered during the roll out of such a integrated system in the construction industry.



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