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Paper w78-1998-17:
The construction pilot in GENIAL: implementing the GEN vision in the construction domain

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Debras P, Monceyron J L, Buckley E, Leonard D, Carpentier G, , Seifert L

The construction pilot in GENIAL: implementing the GEN vision in the construction domain

Abstract: Among the emerging range of new working habits that appear to best preserve companies position in competitive markets, the Global Engineering Network (GEN) Initiative has recognised the reuse of internal and external engineering knowledge as one of the very promising approach to be considered by companies elaborating their business strategies. With that respect, the GENIAL project devotes its mission to the promotion of a new king of market places where actors capture and retrieve on-line a wide range of engineering products and services. The GENIAL architecture is first depicted that emphasises its main components. The GENIAL approach is then described that allows a information provider to play as a Value Added Service Provider in the GENIAL sense. This approach is then illustrated by dedicated cases in the construction domain that evidenced the benefits of the concepts from a user point of view.



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