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Paper w78-1998-18:
From product data technology to applications: an illustrative case in the AEC domain

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Debras P, Monceyron J L, Bauer F, Ballesta P, Rocca F X

From product data technology to applications: an illustrative case in the AEC domain

Abstract: Handling the fragmentation of the Building industry stands for one of the major challenge of this predominant economic sector in Europe and interoperability between a various range of dedicated applications is the main end-user requirement at a practical level. In that context Product Data Technologies are regarded as a the most promising route to meet the objective. However, the elaboration and further deployment of PDT based applications requires the availability of both suitable Product Data models that conveys the underlying semantics of these applications and software platforms allowing an easy usage of such data models at the implementation level. CSTB STEP Platform is first presented that offers an implementation of STEP Standard Data Access Interface. Focus is set on the generic aspect of the platform regarding its ability to support any EXPRESS schema, but also on its architecture that encompasses among others persistence, OLE support and WEB compliance. Attention is then brought to the semantic level and the Industry Foundation Classes are depicted as a promising product data model regarding the needs of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction domain. Building upon these two components, a illustrative application is detailed that evidences the interest of PTD in the Building sector. Elaborated under the auspices of the French chapter of the International Alliance for Interoperability, this application acts as a Building Project Server and allows the co-operation of various AEC software toolkits handling respectively the Architecture design, the HVAC design and the edition of technical documents.



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