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Paper w78-1998-25:
SteelBase - implementing product data exchange for constructional steelwork

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Karstila K, Pehrsson R

SteelBase - implementing product data exchange for constructional steelwork

Abstract: The paper describes the results from the Finnish SteelBase project in implementing standardised product data exchange for construction. The application area of the project is the exchange of constructional steelwork data from the structural designers to the fabricators. The enabling technologor the project are STEP product data technology emerging from ISO TC184/SC4 work, and the results from the European CIMsteel-project. The paper describes SteelBase by the methodologies used, developed implementation, and the achieved results and firseriences in constructional steelwork data exchange. Introduction The Finnish FINNSTEEL technology program aims at the promotion of steel construction in general, and more specifically at the decreasing of building costs and project lead times. The objective of SteelBase, a project within the FINNSTEEL framework, articular is to develop and implement neutral data exchange for constructional steelwork between the structural designers and the fabricators. Neutral, standard-based, product data exchange streamlines the information logistics of the design/manufacturing process, and increases the possibilities to exploit the design data in the downstream activities, like production planning. The enabling technologies The SteelBase basis its work on two efforts, namely ISO STEP standardisation work and European CIMsteel/Eureka -project. STEP product data technology (Standard for The Exchange of Product model data) has been developed over the years as an international standardisation effort in ISO TC184/SC4 Industrial Data committee. STEP technology is a comprehensive set of methods, standards and tools for realising the neutral exchange of product model data between computer applications. CIMsteel-project has defined a data exchange specification, so-called CIMsteel Integration Standards (CIS), for the exchange of constructional steelwork product data. In its developments CIMsteel has, on the other hand used STEP product data technolond on the other hand the CIS-standard will form the basis for the development of an international STEP data exchange standard or Application Protocol for constructional steelwork (AP 230). SteelBase status In its first phase SteelBase: 1) defined a data exchange specification based on CIS with some additional Finnish flavouring for e.g. section profiles and materials identification; 2) defined standard report types for constructional steelwork designs;3) developed a computer application, StBrowser, which is a general purpose browser for constructional steelwork product models. StBrowser allows for view and editing of steelwork product models, bill-of-materials report generation and conversions of the data into some additional data formats. StBrowser serves for the receiving of steelwork product data, and its exploitation.g. production planning and manufacturing by the fabricator. In the current, second phase of SteelBase the focus of the development is in expanding the usage of SteelBase data exchange by implementing additional data conversion facilities to the StBrowser, e.g. for the numerical control of machine tools. Also, EDIFACT and VRML converters are under consideration.



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