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Paper w78-1998-36:
Product model based quality management system

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Psunder I, Rebolj D

Product model based quality management system

Abstract: The idea of this research is to build an integrated computer aided quality management system of building projects. Making use of expert knowledge, we are building an information system which will supervise, in each phase of a building project, the fulfilment of the required conditions for undisturbed and quality project continuation. Finally the quality control system will be supported by a computer program which is based on an expert system. In the basic version of the program the user will be guided through the control sheets so that the required control data will be collected. In the case of unfulfilment of quality conditions, the system will suggest possible solutions based on experiences. The program will compare present project to past ones and determine weak points of the project to assure total quality. The program will also help to evaluate statistically the project success, to compare it to other projects and to determine the weakest points of the project to assure total quality. In the upgraded version of development the program will be supported by a product model of the building with aim to reach integrated quality management of building projects.



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