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Paper w78-1999-2234:
First experiences with an inception support modeller for the building and construction industry

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Ozsariyildiz S S, Tolman F P

First experiences with an inception support modeller for the building and construction industry

Abstract: Inception and very early design of complex building and construction projects requires a large number of decisions to be made, considered, rejected, changed, or confirmed. Many views on the project co-exist at the same time, requiring complex communications and access to complicated knowledge covering the complete project and product life cycles.Balancing the results of this non-monotonic decision taking process is (1) not a trivial task and (2) very important for the project outcome, as most of the product and construction process characteristics (like performance and cost) will largely be fixed. Further optimizations in later design stages will only be marginally possible.In order to support the inception and very early design of complex construction project we are developing an Inception Support Modeler (ISM) that guides the user through the decision taking process. Decision taking is supported by a combined PDT (Product Data Technology) and KT (Knowledge Technology) approach. The focus of the current modeler is on the inception of technical buildings, like Power or Process Plant Buildings, Factory Buildings, Hospitals and such. The product model and the knowledge base are developed in co-operation with the Brite- Euram CONCUR project.The paper reports about the first test case of the ISM. As part of a demonstration in CONCUR, the ISM has been filled with Business Objects and Business Logic concerning the inception of a simple Turbine Building.



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