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Paper w78-1999-2498:
Constructability knowledge-intensive database system

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Kartam N, Al-Reshaid K, Askar H

Constructability knowledge-intensive database system

Abstract: Generally, lessons learned in the construction, operation, and maintenance of a facility are not effectively fed back as input to the design and construction phases of new projects. Traditional methods of collecting and disseminating lessons-learned in the construction of projects have enjoyed limited success due to: (1) the unreliable communication channels between construction experts and practitioners, (2) the lack of a meaningful classification system, (3) the unmanageable format that made it difficult to access, retrieve and update the potentially enormous volume of lessons, (4) the difficulty of integrating new systems into existing operations and procedures, and (5) the focus on failures or incidents, rather than on both positive and negative experiences with constructed facilities. If the experience and lessons learned at the construction site could be captured and incorporated into a dynamic, interactive, knowledge based information system, then great benefits could be realized as this information is utilized in the design and construction of future facilities. Constructability and maintainability can be enhanced, more efficient construction methods can be utilized, facility quality and safety can be maximized and total life cycle costs can be minimized.This paper presents a knowledge-intensive database system for constructability improvement. Construction lessons were collected; a framework for classifying, storing and disseminating lessons was designed; and a prototype system was developed, tested and validated. This system can be used: (1) as an assistant and decision-making tool by engineers and foremen of contractors, and (2) as an educational and training tool by undergraduate and graduate students of civil engineering at Kuwait University.



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