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Paper w78-1999-2619:
Expert validation of tall-d: a KBS for tall buildings design

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Ravi M, Bédard C

Expert validation of tall-d: a KBS for tall buildings design

Abstract: A brief overview of validation of the Tall-D knowledge-based system is presented. The objective of the validation process was to have industry experts participate and to compare the tall building design alternatives generated by Tall-D to those designed in actual projects. Two experts compared test-cases with the designs produced by Tall-D system. These design sessions also enabled the experts to critique the individual cases as well as the overall performance of Tall-D. The overall performance was evaluated through a comprehensive questionnaire on the different features of Tall-D as an automated design tool. The multi-storey test-cases used are actual buildings: Place du Canada, IBM-Marathon and 1000 de La Gauchetière, all located in Montreal. One of the test-cases and the results of the questionnaire-based validation of Tall-D are presented.



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