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Paper w78-1999-2791:
Measuring information integration in project teams

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Atkin B L

Measuring information integration in project teams

Abstract: Integrated project information is the goal for many clients and their project teams. In theory, the aim is to use IT to support a seamless electronic process in which data are entered once and where no manual intervention interrupts the flows across the different life stages. In practice, IT has been used largely to reinforce existing work patterns that fragment the team's efforts. So far, IT has delivered limited benefits. A study of integrated project information has been completed on 11 building projects across four European countries. Degrees of integration of project information have been measured and used to derive some measure of the extent to which project teams are bound together by the use of IT. This paper summarises the 11 case studies, by revealing the extent to which IT has been successfully applied to support integration. The findings provide pointers to the future application of IT by project teams. In this regard, the active interest of the client in the project and its IT infrastructure is emphasised.



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