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Paper w78-1999-2803:
Refocusing project delivery systems on adding value

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Atkin B L

Refocusing project delivery systems on adding value

Abstract: The ability to manage a lean supply chain that contains no non-value adding elements is the ultimate challenge. The research behind the paper's findings is based on the production of functional process models adopting IDEFØ methodology to portray information flows, participants, organisations and IT use. Key participants in 11 projects contributed to the research and subsequently verified the models. Analysis was then performed on the models, including checks for consistency and process integrity. A generic model was developed from the best practice elements of all 11 projects, alongside changes in construction procurement and out of sector best practice industrial design and production. The result is a new project generic process model that could form a blueprint for subsequent construction projects. The research continues through modelling and costing different project scenarios so that non-value adding activities can be isolated and eliminated from the supply chain.



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