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Paper w78-2000-118:
Cognitive theory in relation to the ACTof drawing in electronically generated programs

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Blain M

Cognitive theory in relation to the ACTof drawing in electronically generated programs

Abstract: "Visual perception processes in sequential samples or fixated forms. Therefore, if we are to achieve unified perceptions there must be an integration of visual input over time. These sensations are not rich enough to mediate perception, we as perceivers must add to them. This elaboration of sensation involves inferential processes, semantic, semiotic and metaphorical associations, utilizing memory, habit, etc. This paper forms a basis for looking at these inputs as abstractions and how this enables a better understanding of: Cognition, visual and computational perception Computational descriptive rules Constructivist machine vision programs uses of Cognitive and visual theories within the mechanics of drawing. This examination expands towards exploring issues of presence and absence and the confusion of boundaries between inside and outside, hybridity, infiltration and dispersion, non-grounds and objects within."



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