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Paper w78-2000-229:
Issues in knowledge transfer within a construction training and learning organisation

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Conheeney K, Stephenson P, Griffiths A

Issues in knowledge transfer within a construction training and learning organisation

Abstract: "Knowledge transfer with domains such as the construction industry will become increasingly important. Essentially 'transfer' involves the sharing of 'best-practice' between the minority of experienced experts and the majority of those people as recipients. Some means of capturing this information and then applying this to a problem context defines the 'knowledge' component. Three pragmatic issues to the delivery of a variable knowledge transfer system are required and should include the collection, structuring and transferring of information. This paper identifies the issues concerned and the need to establish solutions for a construction training and learning organisation. Particular issues addressed include indexing and the use of XML language for the interchange and sharing of data, and the capture of XML structures within a relational schema for comparisons and queries. Additionally, mechanisms for establishing navigational trails are considered with neural networking for the building of knowledge domain structures for continued extension and navigation in knowledge transfer. The need to take into account organisational and market culture is significant to provide value information and the trade of information. The issues highlighted and discussed indicate a need for manual (human) and automated (neural) processing for the collection, structuring and transfer of information to promote the learning organisation concept, and to provide the opportunity for knowledge utilisation within an organisational environment."



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