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Paper w78-2000-354:
An educational tool in earthquake engineering

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Farinha M F

An educational tool in earthquake engineering

Abstract: "One of the main social purposes of education is the transmission of knowledge to the subsequent generations, in the most appropriate form. Throughout time, educators have resorted to the technologies at hand, in order to establish the best possible mechanisms for knowledge delivery. Increasing ease of access to computers and recent advances seen in information technologies now mean that these can be used as an important tool in the education process. The work that is presented in this paper is intended to demonstrate the potential of these systems in the understanding of the seismic phenomenon and in creating students’ awareness of the importance of the design of structural systems that will have a good performance under seismic conditions. The graphical presentation of vibration modes gives a clear understand of the structure’s behaviour. The main benefits that are expected are: i) to enhance the students’ interests on earthquake engineering; ii) to support students’ work so that they may become less dependent on the physical human presence, for tutoring and iii) to enable students to address more difficult and complex problems."



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