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KISS: knowledge and information slider system

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Fruchter R, Reiner K, Yen S, Retik A

KISS: knowledge and information slider system

Abstract: "Computer-based representation, capture, linking, visualization, navigation, and use of the information and knowledge created in a multi-disciplinary project environment during concept development, design, and construction remains a difficult problem. This paper proposes to present a methods and an integrated prototype, Knowledge and Information Slider System (KISS), for knowledge management and navigation of heterogeneous information that constitutes a design and build project memory. KISS proposes a product-based, context-based, Web-mediated approach for project, product, and process evolution capture, organization, and navigation. The prototype formally articulates and links the following four network levels: people network, design informal knowledge network, design and construction formal knowledge network, and construction site knowledge network. KISS enables key stakeholders involved in “building a building” to seamlessly slide among the different knowledge network levels to retrieve and re-use information in support of their decision process. The paper will present a real-world project as a case study to test the KISS prototype. The paper will present the KISS prototype that leverages the R and D efforts of the Stanford and Strathclyde research teams. More specifically, ·Recall and ProMem collaboration technologies developed at Stanford to support the concept generation, multi-disciplinary team interaction and design intent evolution capture; and ·Virtual Construction Simulation and Construction Site Telepresence information technologies developed at Strathclyde University to facilitate virtual reality modeling of the design and construction process, and mobile telecommunication to capture and link the construction site information with the office, respectively. Figure 1 illustrates these information and collaboration technologies as building block that can cover the spectrum of knowledge and information, from informal to formal, during design and construction from concept to construction. It will enable the stakeholders to seamlessly slide through the informal and formal knowledge created over time on-an-as-need basis"



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