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Paper w78-2000-486:
Mapping technical processes into standard software for business support

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Huhnt W, Kluge M, Laufer H

Mapping technical processes into standard software for business support

Abstract: "Integrated software systems have been implemented in the last years to support business activities in companies including enterprise resource planing. These systems are characterized by the possibility to be customized with respect to the specific processes which already take place in companies. The use of these systems is not restricted to a specific industrial sector. It is of common use to support business activities of construction companies by these systems. Construction companies are characterized by extensive and complex processes which take place in technical divisions. These technical processes are executed for specific projects. To support the technical processes by an information system, two major problems have to be solved. The first problem is concerned with the interaction of the processes which take place in the projects and the processes which are independent of project work. The second problem is concerned with the interaction of technical processes and processes for the business activity. Existing software systems support project work. Therefore, these systems have to be expanded with respect to the technical processes. The paper presents a concept to expand existing software systems in such a way that technical processes are supported as a part of the project work in the context of a company. The technical processes are specified on the base of the set theory. The processes which are supported by the existing system are specified in the same manner. Both specifications are unified. On the basis of this unification, the interaction of the different processes is illustrated. In addition, the specifications are used for the implementation. The specifications of information are used to generate a schema for a data base and to expand the existing schema. The specifications of the tasks are used to identify algorithms which have to be implemented. Results are presented. Technical processes are shown which take place as a part of facility management. The interaction between these technical processes and existing processes is illustrated. On the basis of the existing system Navision financials, the support of technical processes is shown."



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