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Paper w78-2000-506:
3D visualization of construction processes and products

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Kamat V, Martinez J

3D visualization of construction processes and products

Abstract: "Construction processes range from the relatively simple to the most complex. In the construction industry, complex decisions yielding maximum benefit are an essential component of process design and planning. Simulation modeling and Virtual reality are thus being increasingly used to help decision-makers make economically optimal decisions. Although many advances have been recently made in the area of construction process modeling (e.g. STROBOSCOPE), the Visualization/Animation aspect has mainly focused on the finished product (3D CAD) or on the product as it evolves through construction (4D CAD). Very little attention has been given to visualizing the construction process that leads to the end product, which includes temporary structures and materials, equipment and labor as they create the product. The process visualization/animation tools currently available commercially are restricted to two dimensions (e.g., Proof Animation), inherently lacking in the real world 3D capabilities that are indispensable for the realistic visualization of many construction operations. This paper describes on-going research at Virginia Tech that focuses on the development of a general-purpose, 3D and trace-driven visualization/animation system. This system enables visualization of both the construction process and the resulting product in 3D. The tool enables the easy creation of realistic 3D animations using CAD models from supported data file formats. The core of the work is a simple yet extremely robust set of animation commands, the capability to process sequences of these commands, and the ability to navigate effortlessly in 3-D space. The input to the program is an ASCII text file consisting of sequential command statements. This file can be generated automatically by a variety of simulation software tools such as STROBOSCOPE, which is currently being used to test the system. Due to the flexibility of the command set and the independence of the tool from any particular simulation modeling software, the system has numerous potential applications in fields other than construction, such as in the manufacturing and service industries. Construction simulation model developers will find this tool useful for debugging their model and verifying that analytical models indeed behave correctly."



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