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Paper w78-2000-801:
Process modelling in the facilities sector: a case study

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Sarshar M, Stokes E, Nelson M, Amaratunga M

Process modelling in the facilities sector: a case study

Abstract: "Facilities Management (FM) is a new field, which has strong correlation to the construction and property disciplines. Most of the investment in the construction sector is in the maintenance and management of existing facilities. Yet FM remains an under researched discipline, and is often excluded from the construction life cycle. The growing commercial market in FM, as well as new procurement routes such as PFIs (Private Finance Initiative) have placed FM and whole life cycle research firmly on the UK's agenda. To date the facilities sector has not benefited from process thinking. Process mapping and improvement initiatives are fairly new to the sector. SPICE FM is a current research project at Salford University, which aims to develop a process improvement framework for FM. The research starts by process modeling, in order to gain an initial understanding of the current situation. It then uses experience from other sectors, such as IT, to tailor an incremental framework for FM. The first SPICE FM case study is the FM processes of a large hospital, with 400 employees in the facilities department. SPICE FM is using object-oriented process mapping techniques, to gain an understanding of the processes. These results will be used to analyse the process characteristics and their major strengths and weaknesses. This paper introduces the SPICE FM research. It then describes the hospital case study providing examples of the process maps and interview results. Based on these results the process characteristics are highlighted and discussion is generated on how to channel the process improvement research in the facilities sector."



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