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Paper w78-2000-928:
Electronic business in the building-construction (BC) industry: preparing for the new internet

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Tolman F P, Bohms H M

Electronic business in the building-construction (BC) industry: preparing for the new internet

Abstract: "The paper presents the objectives and initial results of the 5th Framework E-Construct project; curiously enough given the number IST-10303. The aim of E-Construct is to develop, implement, apply and dessiminate a new XML based Communication Technology (CT) for the Building and Construction industry. This Communication Technology will provide the European Building and Construction industry with a powerful but low cost communication infrastructure that: ·Supports electronic business between Clients, Architects and Engineers, Suppliers (of components, systems, services and resources), Contractors and Subcontractors ·Is integrated with E-Commerce and Design/Engineering applications, and ·Supports virtual construction enterprises over the boarders of the individual European member states Meaningful electronic communication in the Building and Construction industry has been the subject of many research and development projects in the past. The result of all these efforts however is practically zero. The problem is that past projects primarily tried to support the Design/Engineering stages. Unfortunately Designers and Engineers are not really powerful players in the industry and certainly not suffiently strong and well organised to produce, implement and enforce a suitable communication standard that also involve other, more powerful, players like Clients, Contractors, Suppliers and Project Managers. E-Construct will primarily be supporting E-Commerce or E-Business type of applications, taking account of the upcoming XML hype, and hopes to include PDT elements on the fly. One of the main targets of E-Construct is to provide E-Commerce over the boarders of the different European memberstates, taking account of the many different national languages and classification and coding systems."



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