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Paper w78-2001-43:
Stockyard layout management for precast concrete products using simulation

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Marasini R, Dawood N

Stockyard layout management for precast concrete products using simulation

Abstract: Stockyard layout management for the efficient storage and retrieval of standard concrete building products offers a complex problem. The demand is seasonal, and massive stock is built in winter for the dispatched in summer. The problem is unique to the industry as the products are heavy in weight, different handling requirements and, large scale production (1000~2000 different products). The industry is suffering from long throughput time for the distribution lorries, space congestion for both storage and dispatch of products. A case study shows that an the throughput time to service an order varies form 60 to 90 minutes, the queuing time for the lorries being 1.5 times more time the time for loading. A simulation model has been developed to assist managers in designing and managing the stockyard layout. Through the simulation model "what- if " analysis can be made for different storage methods, different loading policies and vehicle routings through the yard. Visualising the loading and dispatch process, and evaluating the throughput time, space utilisation and cost of loading and dispatch, a satisfactory layout can be selected for the implementation. This paper presents the simulation model developed using ARENA (SIMAN), the methodology to derive inputs to the simulation model and the results of the simulation model using a detailed case study.



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