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Paper w78-2001-44:
Real-time management of stockyard using integrated digital technologies

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Marasini R, Dawood N, Dean J

Real-time management of stockyard using integrated digital technologies

Abstract: This project is a follow up from a stockyard layout planning research where simulation approach has been used to find the best stock layout for the efficient storage, loading and dispatch of precast concrete products. It was concluded from the study that a more robust real time management system should be in place to implement stockyard layout plans and help to retrieve products in an efficient manner. The proposed system will be composed of a number of integrated digital technologies that assist in retrieving products from the stockyard. The technology is composed of a central database where storage locations (bays) for the products are determined through the simulation model and actual supply from the production lines (presses). During loading and dispatch processes, the order number to be served is fed to the system. The system then guides the loaders (forklift drivers who load the products into the lorries) the products about the locations to be visited through a graphical display system installed in the lift trucks, the visitation sequence as well as quantity to be loaded in the lorries. To identify the right products to be loaded within the storage bay (location), geodetic positioning system (GPS) is utilised. Through intelligent system fitted in the lift trucks, and using bar code technology, products are retrieved efficiently. In this paper, the various technologies available for product identification have been reviewed, and an integrated real time model has been developed. Using a case study, the preliminary real-time implementation of the model and its results, problems encountered, and future steps have been discussed.



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