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Paper w78-2001-5:
A model based approach for construction process modelling

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Karhu V

A model based approach for construction process modelling

Abstract: Process modelling methods have been developed for describing different aspects of industrial and other processes. Each method, e.g. the widely used scheduling in project planning software, has a specific scope for which it has been designed. Used outside this scope the method may prove quite inadequate. The newer type of modelling method GEPM, generic process modelling method, has been developed. It has borrowed many features from other modelling methods such as scheduling, IDEF0, and the so-called simple flow method. The term simple flow method is a box-and-arrow method that have been used for construction process descriptions in several companies in different variations.The GEPM method is flexible in a sense that the conceptual model, which has been defined using the EXPRESS modelling language, can be changed in order to achieve specialised additional features when needed. The database implementation supports this approach as well. GEPM enables the users to interact with the developed process models through views. The chosen views are scheduling, IDEF0, and simple flow view. The implementation of GEPM in a database and the data exchange with other software tools has proven useful. The view analogy can be compared with advanced CAD tools, where users interact with the designs through design drawings in different scale. GEPM can be used for describing partly company specific quality systems with reference models. The reference models can be converted into project specific models, which in turn are scheduled.



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