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Paper w78-2001-63:
An integrated approach to critical time-space scheduling

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Mahachi J

An integrated approach to critical time-space scheduling

Abstract: Construction planners are faced with the major task of allocating resources appropriately and ensuring that limited space is used effectively. Low productivity and construction accidents are attributed to poor site logistics such as inefficient space planning for resources and space conflicts between sub-contractors. Visualisation of the space required by the resources is very difficult, since the building product and the site processes are continually occupying and changing the space requirements. The traditional tools for project management do not provide a means to represent space availability and needs. This paper reports on an investigation that integrates a virtual reality environment with critical time-space scheduling analytical tools. Techniques to develop a critical space scheduler that changes with time are presented. It is anticipated that the approach suggested will contribute to the better performance and improved delivery of projects in the construction industry.



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