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Paper w78-2002-10:
Lift slab structures instability during construction

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Masih R

Lift slab structures instability during construction

Abstract: Lift slab structures are built in a method, which makes them inherently vulnerable to static and dynamic instability during the construction stages. The columns cannot be laterally braced in the areas, where temporarily anchored slabs are to be lifted to higher levels, because the bracing will make the lifting process of the slabs to higher level impossible. Thus the columns will stay long and slender above the anchored slabs until the shear walls are built at the lower levels, This situation requires the checking of the whole structure above the shear walls for its stability against its own load. A formula was derived to help in checking the stability of such structures, based on the number of slabs, anchored temporarily at different levels, the distances between those anchored groups and the rigidity of the columns. A computer program was written to enable the construction process envision the critical situation which may cause instability.



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