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Paper w78-2002-100:
Automating building life cycle energy assesment

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Drogemuller R, Ambrose M, Tucker S

Automating building life cycle energy assesment

Abstract: Building designers and developers are expected to meet an increasing range of constraints on building projects. Normally, the new constraints are part of an established body of knowledge which designers either have to learn or a new "discipline" emerges which has expertise in the new area. While the stock of buildings is improved through these new requirements, both of these paths increase the complexity of the design process with consequent increases in time and cost for the project. LICHEE is an advanced prototype of a system that integrates CAD with life cycle energy assessment. With the addition of some extra information, it automatically estimates the operational energy and embodied energy requirements of detached housing The system was built out of existing components using the Industry Foundation Classes (IFCs) as the "glue" to bind the components together. The use of the IFCs provided significant savings in development time over writing interfaces against the major CAD systems. The software architecture chosen allowed the use of existing stand-alone software components that previously required extra expertise and time.



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