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Paper w78-2002-12:
How BcXML handles construction semantics

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R van Rees, Tolman F, Beheshti R

How BcXML handles construction semantics

Abstract: The paper focuses on the development of a new Communication Technology for the Building-Construction industry, called bcXML. One problem that has to be solved before ICT really will help to increase the BC industry's competitiveness is the way construction semantics should be treated. Over the years several approaches have been researched, but none was able to provide a satisfactory solution. What is needed is a common (neutral) taxonomy with definitions of objects and properties with units and names in different languages and alphabets that can be used to create and translate meaningful XML-based messages, but that is not part of the actual standard. Such an approach would in particular serve the purpose of the fragmented European Building and Construction industry, and is prerequisite for the unification and industrialization of the European Building and Construction industry. The paper describes how eConstruct handled building and construction semantics.



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