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Paper w78-2002-23:
Intelligent CAD checker for building plan approval

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Sulaiman M J, Ng Kok Weng, Cher Dong Theng, Berdu Z

Intelligent CAD checker for building plan approval

Abstract: In construction industry, architects need to have a deep knowledge of the uniform building by law and the local council requirements before designing a building or a house. The process of applying his or her knowledge in terms of building by law interpretation is critical during the design stage. Due to enormous amount of bylaws involved, architects may design with some non-compliance to the by-laws. This mistake will be costly especially if it causes the building plan to be rejected by the municipal council or the fire department. The mistake will probably cause a significant delay in the completion of project thus leading to penalty and other costs. Viewing from the point of the approval authority, the personnel involved in approving building plans is also prone to make mistake in approving building plans that have non-compliance to the by-laws. Such mistake may cause great harm to occupants of the building and the responsible authority may be accountable for any mishap caused by the non-compliance. Hence the proposed system discussed in this paper intends to eliminate any errors in interpreting as well as checking for bylaws non-compliance directly from a CAD file submitted by an architect. This system directly reads in the building design CAD file before checking it's attributes and specifications against the building by-laws and will report any non-compliance to the user.



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Permission to reproduce these documents have been graciously provided by the Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark. The assistnace of the editor, Prof. Kristian Agger, is gratefully aprecciated.


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