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Paper w78-2002-37:
Longitudinal-grounded case study of a project management information system: a reality check.

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Futcher K, Thorpe T

Longitudinal-grounded case study of a project management information system: a reality check.

Abstract: This paper presents the methodology and findings of a longitudinal-grounded case study of the ambitious implementation of a PMIS within the public works organization of the HKG SAR. It has provided an opportunity for practical experimentation through the quantitative measurement of 'before' and 'after' effects arising from a change in management techniques. These were substantially dependent upon the introduction of a novel PMIS that conformed to the Cleland and King model for a portfolio-management-system that is added-value gained from a project-management data pipeline. The timing of the implementation and its attributes makes it an appropriate vehicle for experimentation to substantiate the Cleland and King proposition for project and portfolio management in multi-projects scenarios. A triangulated-search of the case files covering all aspects of the implementation of the PMIS provides a reality check of the construction business issues that drive systems implementation. It leads to the observation that empirical research into the day-to-day reality of IT innovation within the industry is essential if the gap between research and practice is to be narrowed. Pre and post implementation measurements of performance are used to assess the results achieved from this example of in-practice innovation. At least a three-fold improvement in spending performance was achieved when five years post implementation performance was compared to the five-year pre-implementation period.



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