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Paper w78-2002-40:
Establishing the basis for systems interoperability: the terminology challenge

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Leusin de A S R, Peixoto L, Madeira L, Nunes R

Establishing the basis for systems interoperability: the terminology challenge

Abstract: System interoperability proposals have been, until now, largely based on text contents. IFC, STEP, XML are languages or standards that need a consensual signification behind their terms. Each term can have many different meanings, depending on the context in which it is inserted and to include a full description of each one in every document is too complicated and irksome. It would be necessary, somewhat, to be able to select the meaning respecting the context, and this would probably consume too many resources. Any text-based system must run over a terminology which is well accepted and perfectly understood by its users. This is one of the main obstacles encountered in reaching full interoperability. Not only because we seldom have, in any language, a technical dictionary for the construction field, which could work as an official reference, but also due to the difficulties of translating between languages. Distinct building cultures and organisations make it difficult to obtain a proper translation. One way to overpass this hindrance is to develop a reference construction terminology, including concepts description and terms interrelationship. The concepts must be associated with a conceptual map, which reflects terms associations and pertinence. This map can be linked to the OCCS Overall Construction Classification System, in order to make the correlation easier. The relationships established through this conceptual map can be easily translated to any system, especially to XML schemes and data descriptions, making it possible to fulfil a real interoperability. Building this terminology is the aim of a Brazilian government- sponsored project, so called CDCON, now in course under the co-ordination of a group of universities and participation of building contractors, suppliers associations and systems developers.



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