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Paper w78-2002-59:
Workflowmanagement in construction; Opportunities for the future

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Wamelink J W F, Stoffele M, P van der Aalst W M

Workflowmanagement in construction; Opportunities for the future

Abstract: Process control is an essential base for the efficient and successful execution of construction projects. At the same time, construction processes are complex and difficult to control. A lot of processes are critical and an overview of all these processes is often not clear. In other industries workflow management has shown to be a successful tool in controlling standardized processes. Workflow management systems take care of the information logistics and give a process overview that enables better management and control of the process. The research described in this paper focuses on the possibilities of workflow management in dynamic, project oriented processes. More specific, the paper makes clear whether workflow management systems are usable and profitable in construction and to what extent. After studying the properties of specific processes in different construction projects the criteria for the selection of an automated workflow management system are listed. This teaches that classical workflow management systems were not suited for the development of a prototype, mainly because of the lack of flexibility. Case handling systems, a type of workflow management system, seemed more appropriate for the dynamic processes. Within a large Dutch construction company the prototype has been tested in practice. The main conclusions of the research are that workflow management can be applicable and profitable in construction and that workflow management makes the processes more manageable and controllable. Information in the processes is gathered in one system that makes it easier to track down and information in the system is always up to date.



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