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Paper w78-2002-6:
A new Danish classification system to meet local needs and link to international and IT developments

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Howard R

A new Danish classification system to meet local needs and link to international and IT developments

Abstract: Denmark is a small country with few large companies in construction, but the industry is well organized, makes advanced use of IT, and is capable of designing and constructing high quality buildings and huge bridges. It was an early user of the SfB building classification system and there are many well-organized sets of data, but it does not have a complete framework for building information meeting new international standards and reflecting developments in IT. The Centre Contract Building Classification is a 3 year collaboration project funded by the Building and Industry ministry and managed by the Technological Institute. It will finish at the end of 2002 with proposals for tables of building elements, schedules of rates and building products. The research at DTU was completed at the end of 2001 and looked at international experience and the effects of future IT systems. While a Danish system must relate to the specific needs and experience of Danish industry, and allow convergence with existing sets of data, it must also relate to international developments to maintain collaboration with other countries and export of building materials. Future IT systems will allow even more sharing of data and members of a project team, wherever they are located, should have a common understanding of the structure of the data they share. Standards such as IFCs for building modeling and ISO 12006-2 for building information, are important and experience from other countries shows that it is necessary to test the Danish proposals against these and set up suitable arrangements for promoting and supporting the new classification. It will also be necessary to educate students and mid-career professionals in the use of a new system.



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Permission to reproduce these documents have been graciously provided by the Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark. The assistnace of the editor, Prof. Kristian Agger, is gratefully aprecciated.


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