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Paper w78-2002-61:
Developing message-based interoperability protocols for distributed AEC/FM systems

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Halfawy M R, Pouria A, Froese T

Developing message-based interoperability protocols for distributed AEC/FM systems

Abstract: This paper discusses the requirements and a methodology for developing, implementing, and possibly standardizing, an extensible set of common messagebased protocols for exchanging project-specific and industry-wide information based on the IFC data model. The protocols define the syntax and semantics of various data exchange messages in the context of AEC/FM projects. The interoperability protocols will achieve two goals: enabling project roles and applications to exchange information in a consistent and standard manner; and enabling the full or partial automation of a set of project workflow processes. The protocols aim to enable heterogeneous and distributed AEC/FM systems to exchange information, within or across organizational boundaries, across all project phases. Interoperability protocols would include transactions for requesting or querying information from various data sources, exchanging design or construction data related to a specific project, exchanging data related to a specific business transaction (e.g. purchase orders), distributing updated project information to project teams, or requesting the execution of specific operations. Formalization and standardization of data exchange protocols between various project roles and applications will potentially provide better communication, increased quality, productivity, and reduced costs, delays, and contractual disputes.



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