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Paper w78-2002-94:
Virtual buildings (VB) and tools to manage construction process operations

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Christiansson P, Dawood N, Svidt K

Virtual buildings (VB) and tools to manage construction process operations

Abstract: Previous and current research and commercial activities within the virtual building area indicate that models are being developed to test and simulate different aspects of the building, but never being used to manage construction projects. This paper formulates visions and outlines solutions for how building process data can be used to represent and co-ordinate meta level digital virtual building models, generate construction site process models, capture as-built data from construction process, and handle external supplier information. A crucial part of the VB is the Project Management System (PMS), which is designed to manage the information input/output of the proposed virtual building and external processes. The PMS is outlined and specified in the paper according to functionality, part of user environment, and structure and underlying digital representations. The outlined framework will include IT-tools as temporal databases, semantic web technology and emerging web services. The PMS will support practical integration of partly redundant building product and process descriptions, improve capturing of as-built data to raise quality of the construction process and subsequent building use and maintenance, contribute to development of unified high (meta) level building process descriptions, and support project experience capturing and re-use.



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