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Paper w78-2003-204:
An agent approach to data sharing in virtual worlds and CAD

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Maher M L, Liew P-S, Gero J S

An agent approach to data sharing in virtual worlds and CAD

Abstract: This paper describes an agent approach to sharing and synchronising building model data among CAD and virtual world systems. Virtual worlds facilitate a level of communication and collaboration not readily available in conventional CAD systems. The integration of virtual worlds and CAD systems using a common data model can make a significant impact on synchronous collaboration and real time multi-user multi-disciplinary modification of building data. By using agents, the integration of virtual worlds and conventional CAD systems can go beyond that of passive data transfer. Data within a central database is monitored and the relevant applications using the data are notified automatically of any changes through sensors and effectors embedded within agents that define their interface to the database. We use an object-oriented EDM database as the central repository of data and Active Worlds as the virtual environment that is coordinated with the shared data within the database. An interface agent is being developed to connect the virtual world to the database to allow active data access and modification. This agent approach can be extended to the integration of other applications and data models.



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